Privacy & Security

Salumatics provides an integrated portfolio of information management services, solutions and technologies to clients across North America. As an organization that deals with and has access to confidential and private information on a daily basis, we are very conscious of our continued responsibility to respect privacy, safeguard confidentiality and implement appropriate security measures. Salumatics has dedicated staff that is trained and understands the significance of security, privacy and confidentiality of all processed information.

Through the implementation of rigorous training, policy, procedures, processes and provisions, Salumatics ensures the privacy, confidentiality and security of all information handled or created.

Salumatics has developed a comprehensive Information Protection Program that:

  • complies with guidelines, standards and legislation as applicable to protect the privacy of all information regardless of source (personal, health, legal, financial, etc.) or format (paper, electronic, etc.);
  • minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, use or disclosure;
  • ensures staff thoroughly understand, appreciate and comply;
  • creates a security-conscious culture;
  • reinforces our openness to public review; and
  • requires all employees and subcontractors to sign annual Privacy Pledges as a condition of employment.

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