Convert Paper Records to Digital Files

Data transformation solutions and expertise enabling customers to securely access and manage their valuable information.
Our statistics speak volumes.

Enterprise Level Solutions

Salumatics operates four large secure production facilities for document scanning and conversion to a digital format. The company has the capacity to convert more than 10 million documents per month using our state-of-the-art, high-speed scanners and customized workflow process technology.

Our staff is trained in privacy and security requirements, and undergo pre-employment security and criminal record screening.

Documents Converted

Outsource To Ensure Process Integrity

Salumatics follows proven protocols in our secure handling of sensitive client information, documents and records. Regardless of volume, Salumatics guarantees fast turnaround times. Following conversion, the disposal and/or destruction of confidential information is conducted per the clients’ instructions and regulatory requirements.


On-line retrieval is available during the conversion process 24/7. Optionally, as an incremental back up service for conversion clients, Salumatics can retain a copy of all of the conversion data in SaluVision® for a period up to 90 days from the date of conversion. Following the 90 days, the copy is destroyed according to regulatory requirements to which Salumatics adheres.

Address Unique Challenges Of Healthcare

Converting sensitive patient information, documents, and records, requires both expertise and experience in managing information across a variety of formats. Some of the unique challenges are:

  • Ensuring complete and quick access to patient information. Salumatics understands this critical component and provides comprehensive retrieval services during conversion.
  • Ensuring accurate and consistent indexing of the numerous forms. In healthcare, a typical client’s forms inventory can contain in excess of 3,000 distinct document types that indexing specialists must accurately identify and consistently assign. Training, documentation, and quality validation are all provided by Salumatics.
  • Ensuring information confidentiality and security. Salumatics has been converting sensitive information for over two decades. All required safeguards and procedures are in place and strictly followed, including multi-tiered building access restrictions with biometric validation, camera monitoring, and other security parameters.

The Salumatics Advantage

Salumatics operates a Tier II data centre offering data hosting, backup & recovery, and access to SaluVision®, our electronic document management (EDMS) application. The Salumatics data centre provides multiple concurrent client users with secure and instant access to their data. Secured virtual private networks (VPN) are maintained between Salumatics’ data centres and our clients’ data centres.

With secure facilities and representation across North America, Salumatics is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.