Salumatics is a value-added reseller of Kodak and Fujitsu brands of digital imaging technology in Canada. In addition to providing hardware, Salumatics also provides support service contracts to its clients for this technology ensuring a single point of service. Through partnerships with both Kodak and Fujitsu, Salumatics is able to assess and offer a wide range of hardware solutions that can fit every client’s needs.

Through the use of best-in-class image processing and enhancement technology, Kodak’s PerfectPage and Fujitsu’s Kofax VRS technologies provide unparalleled quality without sacrificing processing performance.

Kodak’s PerfectPage and Kofax VRS image processing features include but are not limited to:

  • Auto contrast and density correction
  • Auto deskew
  • Border correction
  • Auto cropping
  • Auto colour detection
  • Auto blank image identification and removal
  • Auto image rotation
  • Colour dropout
  • Colour smoothing

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