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Address Unique Challenges of HR Records

Human Resources (HR) teams face an ever-changing landscape of operational and regulatory issues that challenge them to find more effective ways of providing rapid and secure access to employee documents, including:

  • Employment contracts that define terms and conditions of employment
  • Employee compensation and benefits information
  • Performance management/progressive discipline history & records
  • Regulatory compliance (Occupational Health & Safety) training records, for both employee and employer

The number and variety of documents that accumulate for each employee – related to hiring, payroll, benefits, health, disability, termination – is expanding and makes records management a productivity challenge that attracts C-level attention.

Going “paperless” and developing an electronic repository allows HR teams to effectively convert, process, manage and retain relevant documents, offering a complete record of employment in digital format.

Electronic Repository Enables Employee Self-Service

Automating core HR processes and providing fast, secure access to employee records is a key step toward a self-service environment. Employees have become data consumers in their non-work lives, and want that same level of access and control in their work lives. Giving employees access to their information increases the transparency of HR processes.

An electronic repository results in:

  • Faster HR service with simple access to complete and secure employee records
  • Restricted and secure access by controlled permissions
  • Cost savings by reducing or eliminating use of cabinets, floor space and offsite storage facilities
  • The ability for organizations to move to automated self-service across multiple locations.

Convert Paper HR Documents to Digital Records

Converting sensitive HR information, documents and records requires both expertise and experience in managing information across a variety of formats.

Salumatics operates three large secure production facilities for document scanning and conversion to digital format. We have capacity to convert more than 10 million documents per month using high speed commercial scanners and customized workflow process technology. Our SaluVision® portal provides secure access to the electronic files, and can be integrated with an organization’s existing Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Via single sign on (SSO) technology, authorized users seamlessly access the SaluVision portal to view images, upload new documents, search and retrieve, distribute documents, and automate notifications.

Our indexing specialists accurately and consistently identify the wide variety of HR document types, and can customize indexed fields to enable fast searches.

Outsource to Ensure Process Integrity

Salumatics has been converting sensitive information for over a decade; we follow proven protocols in our secure handling of sensitive client information, documents and records. Our staff is bonded, trained in privacy and security requirements, and undergo pre-employment security and police screening. All required safeguards and procedures are in place and strictly followed, including multi-tiered building access restrictions with biometric validation, camera monitoring and other security parameters.

Following conversion, the disposal and/or destruction of confidential information is conducted per clients’ instructions and regulatory requirements.

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