Coding & Abstracting

Salumatics provides CHIMA-certified health information professionals who code and abstract health records for our hospital clients. Salumatics has developed secure, customized processes to support remote coding and meet client timelines. We continually improve our processes and today our large pool of coders provide timely services to clients across North America that range from large tertiary hospital facilities to small remote northern communities.

Long Term Coding Services

We provide outsourced coding services to meet your long term coding requirements. Salumatics recruits and retains certified and experienced coders. Our service employs multi-layered security measures and ensures the protection of patient information. Outsourcing coding and abstracting services, and widening access to an experienced coding labour force, provides our clients with the ability to process large coding volumes.

By engaging our services, our clients have improved turnaround times for data submissions, increased accuracy of their coded data and eliminated recruitment, training and overtime costs. Our data quality standards are rigorous, and deadlines are consistently met.

Short Term Supplemental Staffing on Call

Hospitals often experience temporary increases in patient visit volumes or short-term coding backlogs. Salumatics can help you quickly solve this problem with short term supplemental staffing on call. We can do this once, or be on call to provide back-up when you need help.

Support for Remote Coding

Many hospitals operate in a hybrid environment consisting of electronic health records, paper-based forms and handwritten orders. Salumatics provides document scanning and indexing services for the conversion of hospital and clinic paper records to digital format. In addition to the benefit to the hospital’s clinicians, this enables coders to work remotely over a secure network and complete the entire coding process as if they were on-site. We employ privacy, confidentiality and security policies in compliance with applicable legislation. The coders only access those health records to which they have been assigned, ensuring information confidentiality and security. No information is retained once the coding is complete.

Data Quality Assurance

Data quality is a fundamental requirement for hospital managers, providing accurate data to support planning, performance measurement and accountability for your hospital. Salumatics offers an in-depth Data Quality audit and review service. Coupled with our Clinical Documentation Improvement program this service ensures our clients have quality metrics that reflect their level of care.

To maintain our high standards of coding quality and accuracy the Salumatics Data Quality program requires that our coders excel against a comprehensive coding assessment. Our coders also participate in regular, ongoing education workshops and receive an orientation to hospital-specific practices prior to the commencement of any coding project.

Our data quality analysts complete random audits of each coders’ coded and abstracted records to ensure data quality. The audit is a re-abstraction of the records to ensure data consistency and accuracy.

A Client Services Manager is assigned to all of our clients. The Client Services Manager’s goal is to verify that there is a high degree of data quality and client satisfaction. This is accomplished through maintaining regular and frequent communications between Salumatics and the client.

Salumatics provides integrated services, solutions and healthcare expertise enabling our customers to securely access and manage the value of their information. With secure facilities and representation across North America, Salumatics is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

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