Electronic Document Management System

Salumatics’ flagship product SaluVision® provides seamless access to images of client records. SaluVision is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) electronic document management solution (EDMS) that allows users to search, sort, view and print electronic documents that have been scanned from paper, uploaded electronically, or imported from third party health information systems through standardized (HL7) or non-standardized interfaces.

Access Documents Seamlessly, Securely

SaluVision consists of a multi-tiered architecture in which a web browser, web servers, interface servers, and a SaluVision Repository Server work together to provide seamless user access to client records. Depending on user access profiles, authorized users may search, sort, view and print documents that have been scanned from paper, uploaded, or imported from secondary client support systems and stored on a dedicated server located within the Salumatics data centre. Up to twenty document-identifiable fields can be used as search criteria. Among the most common are Patient Registry (EMPI), Chart Number/Medical Record Number (MRN), Account Number, Service Type, Admission and Discharge Date, and Document Type. Rights access is controlled and monitored at facility, departmental, role and individual user levels. Access at the chart or document level can be further restricted to specific individuals through SaluVision’s Lockbox functionality.

SaluVision has the added security benefit of preventing users from updating or altering the information on the source documents. Users are provided with a unique URL address and login using a unique user name and password combination.

Platform-Independent: Use Any Browser

SaluVision is platform-independent and operating system-agnostic, allowing users to access charts anytime and anywhere through a standard web browser (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). SaluVision is built and deployed as a zero footprint web portal that does not require ActiveX or third party applications to be installed. The service oriented architecture model does not require any expensive upfront infrastructure investment. No client-based software requirement means SaluVision is rapidly deployable for instant access.

Supports Over 300 File Formats

SaluVision supports the upload, viewing and retention of over 300 electronic file formats. Paper documents can be scanned and uploaded directly into SaluVision via the SaluVision Scan interface application. Scanning and indexing can be completed at the point of care or by shipping records for processing to Salumatics conversion services. Standard electronic document file types such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint can be uploaded through Salumatics’ document import interface directly into the patient chart.
SaluVision also supports standardized HL7 interfacing with common health information systems such as laboratory information systems (LIS) and ADT, as well as customized interfacing for nonstandard health information systems and system reporting tools.

Certified Connectivity Ensures Security

Salumatics offers a variety of connectivity options, and we strongly recommend that all connectivity between clients and SaluVision be handled via secured communication channels where possible.  Secure connectivity methods used are HTTP (SSL) over public internet, SSL VPN, IPSec VPN or Dedicated Line Service (T1, TLS, etc).

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the Internet security protocol for point-to-point connections. Salumatics obtains its SSL certificates through the following recognized Certificate Authorities:

By removing the barriers to data access, SaluVision provides stakeholders with instant and secure access to critical information, anywhere, anytime.

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