Salumatics operates secure production facilities for document conversion, storage and services. With corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario and secure facilities there and in Brantford, ON, Montreal, QC, and Winnipeg, MB.  Salumatics has a combined capacity to convert more than 10 million documents per month.

Salumatics operates a Tier II data centre offering data hosting, backup & recovery, and access to SaluVision®, our electronic data management (EDMS) application. The Salumatics data centre provides multiple concurrent client users with secure and instant access to their data. A secured virtual private network (VPN) is maintained between Salumatics’ data centres, our clients’ data centres and our remote coding specialists.

Our coding service is focused on outsourced coding, backlog and day forward, primarily completed remotely.  Coding specialists, through the secure VPN, view document images that are stored on Salumatics’ servers and simultaneously input coded data directly into a client’s abstract database.